UAE grants Golden Visa to Indian actress who wrote article against hijab

Untold India February 23, 2022

Actress Pranitha Subhash has been granted a Golden Visa by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She is now authoritsed to live, work and study in the UAE with 100% business ownership.
A few days ago, she had written an article pressing for Uniform Civil Code in view of the controversy over hijab in Karnataka. In the article, which is published on First Post, she portrayed hijab as an outcome of patriarchy and alleged role of “shadowy political players” in the controversy.
Muslim students and staff have been subjected to humiliation for wearing hijab in Karnataka and other states as well. They have been forced to take off hijab before entering campuses.
The Karnataka High Court is hearing petitions filed by hijab-wearing students. The court has issued an interim order disallowing hijab or any other form of religious dresses in classrooms.

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Pakistan will accept Israel as Turkey plays ‘midwife’ to Israel

Untold India February 22, 2022

By Haider Abbas
There are two ‘first times ‘ in the history to have happened in the second half of February. The first has been the visit of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Army Chief Fahad Bin Abdullah to New Delhi to meet his Indian counterpart MM Naravane on February 15. The visit is what may be summarized as a sharp-wrap on the knuckles of Pakistan as India very calculatedly gave an unprecedented snub to Pakistan which simply smashed Pakistan-off-the-hooks, while Fahad Bin Abdullah and MM Naravane sat before a portrait of showing Pakistan General Niazi ‘laying arms’ before General Aurora of India, after the Pakistan’s surrender in the December 1971 war, which led to the making of Bangladesh.
Pakistan was trying to fly-high over India particularly after its presence at Beijing Winter Olympics and Indian absence from it, as India had objected to China making Qi Fabio, to be Olympic torchbearer, as he was involved into the skirmish at Galwan valley on June 15, 2020, in which 20 Indian soldiers and four-Chinese soldiers had died, and India, extracted its revenge from Pakistan instead, which is otherwise also a Chinese steadfast ally, by making Pakistan see its worst-hour, when it had surrendered before India, and rubbing more salt, was the presence of Fahad Bin Abdullah, from KSA which has traditionally been the resort of Pakistan in any crisis. Fahad Bin Abdullah visit for three days to India did not have Pakistan on his itinerary and was in reciprocation to Indian Army Chief visit to KSA in December 2020, which too was the first time then.
India took the best shot for the occasion as nothing could hit Pakistan more dearly when it was made to remember the loss of its Eastern part in 1971, and India rubbed more salt to it, as KSA was present on its occurrence. The big question is, now, what was the real purpose of KSA Army Chief to visit India, at a such a precarious juncture as Russia-Ukraine conflict is on the boil? Or was he here to convince India to lend forces into its conflict zone with Yemen? If that be, it was to be naivety of the fist category, as India will never hazard its presence in Yemen, as the same it did, when US had sought for it, in its run-up to leaving its occupation from Afghanistan.
The visit has certainly perplexed Pakistan as Pakistan had only a fortnight back, self aggrandized, to have made Arab states represent at Beijing, after it had played a ‘bridge’ which US did not like. The next was KSA Interior Minister visit to Pakistan as there is a thaw between KSA and Pakistan as KSA has again given a 3 billion USD loan to Pakistan, thus, making it to start a new chapter in Pakistan-Arab states relations, after they had gone sour when UAE opened up the Israel embassy on the Independence Day of Pakistan i.e. on August 14, 2020. The Pakistan smile under the sun, therefore, had to be brought to a grinding halt, as US, which has been the KSA ally for more than 70 years, and no wonder US, which is now an ally of India too, help conduct KSA Army Chief reach India to puncture the Pakistan glee, more particularly so, when Pakistan PM Imran Khan is also slated to visit Russia, if at all he makes to it.
The second ‘first-time’, is more stunning as, never in the history before, Pakistan and Israel were expected to come on the same stage, which was done on February 17, as both conducted naval-exercises, along with KSA etc in the Red Sea, reported Times of Israel. Thus, it is now getting more and more clear that Pakistan which was smacked-on its face an Israeli embassy by UAE, on the courtesies, of KSA, has consented to join the bandwagon led by KSA to embrace Israel. The Pakistan argument will be simple, that once when a two-state formula is accepted by Palestine and Israel alike, for which the outgoing US President Donald Trump had already deployed Egypt President Sisi, and when KSA and other Arab States accept Israel, there is no reason for Pakistan to be the odd man out.
Who does not know that Palestine President Mehmood Abbas is just a rubber stamp of Israel and it is all pre-decided that Mehmood Abbas will be too-willing to consent to the two-state formula, of the pre-1967 position, but who will turn the Donald Trump declaration of Jerusalem to be the state capital of Israel? No one. KSA crown prince MbS very recently sought return of his 2 billion USD loan from Pakistan, then has again loaned 3 billion USD and who knows tomorrow he seeks its return again? What will then Pakistan make for? Perhaps, Pakistan will continue to ping-pong around KSA, despite it also playing with China on its CPEC which US wants destroyed at every cost. US will cruise to its objective through KSA, and this is what Fahad Bin Abdullah may have assured MM Naravane. India is equally against CPEC too.
A quick reminder is however needed that by the fag end of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tenure, he had waged a 11 days war on Palestine and all the

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