Iran warns Israel against waging systematic Iranophobic campaign

Untold India September 28, 2021

New York: Second Secretary of Iran’s Permanent Mission in UN Payman Ghadirkhomi in a statement said the Zionist regime cannot deflect attention from its destabilizing acts in the region by waging systematic anti-Iran campaign. ‘This regime cannot deflect attention from its long-standing malign and destabilizing activities in the region by waging a widespread systematic Iranophobic campaign, like what he said regarding our peaceful nuclear program,’ Ghadirkhomi said in his statement addressing the General Debate of the 76th UNGA session. ‘I have taken the floor to respond to the baseless allegations made today by the Prime Minister of the Israeli regime,’ he said. ‘Like his notorious predecessor, in his statement, he tried his best to disseminate as much disinformation and make as many unfounded allegations against my country as he could,’ he added. ‘He played the victim and desperately tried to portray the Israeli regime as innocent,’ he noted. ‘It is not surprising at all. Deception has always been part of their agenda,’ he reiterated. ‘His mischievous objective is crystal clear: to cover up all expansionist and destabilizing policies and criminal practices of the Zionist regime in the region over the past seven decades,’ the Iranian diplomat said. ‘Instead of such fabrications and accusations, he must have said that as the only occupying power in the region, it has waged over 15 wars, invaded not only all its neighbors without exception but even countries beyond the region, continued to occupy some territories, and committed all four core international crimes, not once but repeatedly and sometimes simultaneously. And this long dark record goes on and on.’ He did not even refer once to the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people who continue to live for well over seven decades under occupation and brutal rule of the Israeli regime. ‘He did not also make any reference to unlawful and inhumane blockade it has imposed to the Gaza Strip, changing it to the world’s largest open-air prison,’ Ghadirkhomi said. ‘He also deceptively tried to portray his regime as the only democracy in the region, without mentioning that its rulers have always been engaged in terrorist activities, and some of them are well-known for being the butchers of innocent Palestinian civilians,’ he added. ‘For example, only in its 11-day brutal and all-out war on Gaza in May 2021, Israeli forces killed 256 Palestinians, including 66 children and 40 women,’ he noted. ‘This included 13 members of an extended family who were killed and buried in the rubble of their own home — many of whom were children, one as young as six months.’ ‘Thus, the best designation for the rulers of the Israeli regime is the child-killer terrorists.’ ‘He must have also explained that why it still continues confiscation and demolition of Palestinian homes, forced displacement of their inhabitants, and killing peaceful Palestinian protestors,’ he stated. ‘All policies and practices of this brutal regime have been and continue to be in flagrant violation of the basic principles of morality and humanity and rules of international law, particularly international humanitarian law,’ Ghadirkhomi said. He went on to say, ‘This regime cannot deflect attention from its long-standing malign and destabilizing activities in the region by waging a widespread systematic Iranophobic campaign, like what he said regarding our peaceful nuclear program.’ Possessing all types of weapons of mass destruction, as well as the most sophisticated conventional weapons, the Israeli regime continues to endanger peace and security in the region and beyond. ‘It also brazenly defies constant strong international calls to join international legally binding instruments banning weapons of mass destruction,’ he stated. ‘As such, it continues seriously hampering the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East – proposed by Iran in 1974.’ ‘Yet, it desperately attempts to portray Iran’s conventional weapon capabilities or its exclusively peaceful nuclear program, which is under the most robust verification of the International Atomic Energy Agency, as a challenge to regional stability,’ Iranian envoy said. ‘This is but a hypocritical move to distract attention from the real danger posed to regional peace and security by this regime, particularly its nuclear-weapon arsenals and clandestine and unsafeguarded nuclear installations and activities,’ he noted. ‘Rejecting all principles governing this Organization, including this august Assembly, he used once again threatening language against my country in flagrant violation of the United Nations Charter.’ ‘He should have no illusion about our ability and determination to defend our security and interests.’ ‘His regime must avoid any miscalculation and adventurist move in t

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Inzamam clarifies he didn’t suffer heart attack, says he’s fine after angioplasty

Untold India September 29, 2021

Lahore: A day after reports came in that former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul- Haq had suffered a heart attack and had undergone angioplasty in Lahore on Monday, the legendary cricketer clarified that he “did not suffer a heart attack”, and that he had gone for a routine check-up where the doctors asked him to undergo angioplasty as “one of the arteries was blocked”. Inzamam, posted a video on his official YouTube channel on Tuesday evening, saying he had visited the hospital due to stomach pain and during routine check-up it was found that he had a blocked artery. “I want to thank everyone in Pakistan and around the world for praying for my health. I want to thank the Pakistan people, and cricketers from Pakistan and around the world who sent their well-wishes,” said Inzamam. “I saw reports saying I had suffered a heart attack. I did not. I went to my doctor for a routine check-up, who said they wanted to conduct an angiography. During angiography, they noted an artery of mine was blocked, so they inserted stents to alleviate that problem. It was successful and easy, and I came back home after just 12 hours at the hospital. I feel fine,” he added. Inzamam also urged his fans to monitor their cardiac health at regular intervals. “I went to the doctor because I felt a bit of discomfort. It wasn’t even close to the heart area, but the stomach. Had I delayed getting it checked out, doctors said the heart could have been damaged,” he added.-IANS

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