Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui’s arrest is tantamount to arresting a Shankaracharya : Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan

Untold India September 23, 2021

Here are Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan’s replies to media questions about the arrest of Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui on the false charges of using unfair means to convert people to Islam: Do you know Kaleem Siddiqui saheb? Yes, I know him as a respected community leader, a religious scholar who runs a madrasa in Phulat in UP. I know him for the last three decades at least. He is a genuine and extremely polite and civilised person. The arrest of such a popular and genuine Muslim scholar is tantamount to arresting a Shankaracharya. What do you think about his arrest? I think this is all part of the BJP’s efforts at polarisation. BJP is using the fake “conversion” claim as a means to instill fear in the Hindu community when the reality is that there is no such threat. If a few thousand people change their religion to embrace any other faith, out of their own choice, nothing is going to happen to the religious demography of the country. We continuously hear of Muslims embracing Hinduism and this is celebrated by the same BJP leaders why the Muslim community is not making any hue and cry about it. Is helping somebody in conversion process is a crime under the constitution? No, it is not. In fact, Article 25 of our Constitution says that “all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right to freely profess, practice, and propagate religion subject to public order, morality and health.” Hence what Umar Gautam or Maulana Kaleem were doing was perfectly legal. Is getting some foreign funds for community welfare work is also a crime? It is not, but the issue here is that the claim that foreign funding is coming to India to help spread of Islam is bogus. No Arab or Muslim country is interested in spreading Islam. This bogus claim is added to the police chargesheet so that a legal activity could be proved illegal. This bogus claim will fall in courts but by that time the innocent victims would have spent years and years in jails which will destroy their lives and careers and ruin their families while the implicators will go scot-free. Perhaps this sadism gives satisfaction and pleasure to the some current rulers of the country. Do you think that there is politics in such arresting? It is pure politics. A gimmick to polarise society and create or consolidate the Hindu votebank. This is especially needed since state assembly elections are round the corner in a number of states especially in UP. BJP remembers these issues whenever elections approach. Is BJP trying to polarise the election campaign by using such trivial issues. Yes. Is it an appeasement tactics for the BJP to divert the attention of the majority community from main issues? Yes, the false claim about a conspiracy to convert Hindus and getting foreign funds for it is part of the BJP politics to harass Muslims and create a Hindu votebank by claiming that it is alert about core issues of the Hindu community

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UAPA accused Atiqur Rehman serious , admitted to Agra hospital

Untold India September 24, 2021

By Special Correspondent New Delhi: 27-year-old Atiq-ur Rehman’s health is very serious and was admitted to Agra Hospital on Wednesday. Rehman is one of accused along with journalist Siddique Kappan of a ‘conspiracy to create a law and order problem’ after a Dalit girl died after being raped allegedly by upper caste Thakur men in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras in September 2020. The UP police had booked Rehman and seven others, including journalist Siddique Kappan, in October 2020, under various stringent sections of the IPC, including the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). When all the five were taken from Mathura district jail to be produced before the PMLA Court for regular hearing to Lucknow, on the way, Atiqur Rehman complained of severe chest pain who has been suffering from heart ailment since last one year. He was again affected by severe chest pain today. So the officials took him to the Sarogini Naidu Hospital at Agra and admitted. His lawyer Sheeran M Alvi said Atiq-ur’s health condition is very serious. Medical treatment is the basic right of an accused. Since, he was booked under the draconian UAPA, while struggling between life and death, he was forced to wait month along. Apart from this, Alvi also filed a medical emergency application before the PMLA Court in Lucknow. Rehman, a heart patient, who is also the National Treasurer of Campus Front of India (CFI), has been named as ‘accused number one’ in the ‘conspiracy’ case. He suffers from a heart condition called Aortic Regurgitation. Last year, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi had advised him to undergo a Bentall procedure for his condition. However, he was arrested before the medical procedure could take place. According to his family, they fear Rehman would die in jail as his condition can lead to heart failure if proper medical attention is not provided. “After the Hathras UAPA case was fabricated against the Journalist Siddique Kappan, Atiqur Rehman, Alam, Masood Ahmed and Rauf Sheriff by the UP-STF, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) also foisted another false case against these five accused persons under the provisions of Prevention of Money-Laundering Act (PMLA) in the month of February 2021,” lawyer Madhuvandutt Chaturvedi said. Few months back, during the second wave of Covid pandemic, when he was suffering from the jail multiple applications were filed by the senior lawyer Madhuvandutt Chaturvedi before the Ld. Additional Sessions Judge-1 of Mathura for the proper treatment to him at AIIMS were mercilessly rejected. Later he approached the Allahabad High Court. Before it was heard, the government advocate submitted in the high court that more than ten petitions are pending before different Benches in respect of Hathras/Mathura UAPA case and they should be clubbed together and to be heard. According to his request the HCP challenged illegal custody, another petition challenging the Extension Application of Sec. 43D OF UAPA, Challenging the Search Warrant issued during the PCR of Rauf Sheriff, Statutory Bail Applications, Regular Bail Applications, Petitions sought for proper medical treatment to Atiqur Rehman and Rauf Sheriff were clubbed together and were a listed before a division bench. Part of the arguments put forth by Senior Counsel Farman Ahmed Naqvi was heard at length on 13th and 15th of this month. Again it was listed today; but not heard and posted on 29th Sep. FacebookTwitterEmailShare

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