Super Tech owner RK Arora flees to London. Damn be the law ! UP seeks an answer.

Untold India September 7, 2021

TBy Haider Abbas What is happening right under the nose of BJP led Narendra Modi government, inside the outer periphery of the capital of India and despite the SC involved in it, is a proof enough as to how law has been thrown out of the window, with or without the active connivance of the government, it doesn’t matter. The defaulters have given a ‘three-hoots’ to every ‘canon of law’ and have made merry with it, thereby, further adding a muck into it, as now the owners of Super Tech, construction giant, NOIDA, have fled the country! The issue is about Super Tech twin-towers in NOIDA which were ordered to be demolished by SC on September 4, as they had been built after grave violation of building norms, and in its wake, its chairman, RK Arora had frantically announced that he would be filing a review-petition against it. The UP CM Ajay Singh Bisht, also ordered action against the accused officials, and that’s it! Now everything has melted into the thin air, as RK Arora is beyond the boundaries of the nation and has fled India to London, while the Modi government just grappled in the dark (sic) or facilitated it? What RK Arora has done, is in a straight-from-the-book theory, make a fraud/ gulp the investors/ engage in massive bankruptcy etc and flee from the country, on the lines of Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, Mehul Choksy and Vijay Malya, as after all the facilitating-government is what holds the keys. Either Narendra Modi government made for it or is so incompetent. Which one is true? Super Tech Twin Towers NOIDA. Courtesy: IndiaTvNews The list of declared absconders is just on the increase as it is learnt that RK Arora along with his family, which include Sangita Arora and Mohit Arora-the other owners of the group, have reached London and now the government must have been considering to move for their extraditions(sic). This ‘absconding’ of RK Arora is surely too much-to-the-benefit of the UP government as this issue has dragged for so many years, particularly after the 2014 Allahabad High Court order, when the group had to refund some the money to the customers. What best could have been for the UP government is that Arora should remain outside the media-spotlight, and the issue will automatically qualify to be a backburner, which would definitely serve the best interest of the government. But, now the big question is, will the government, so always eager to monetize government and public organisations, also take to Super Tech twin-towers and monetize them in order to pay to the customers who have been duped. The bigger question is what remains of the workmanship of our Chowkidaar PM? How long will people who worked for their whole lives to make a fortune, end-up in such a soup, if not due to the negligence, or complicity of the government of BJP today. Isn’t it not the government, after so many examples of absconders, proving either to be their sponsor or sleeping over strings, instead of pulling them up? But, imagine if there was a non-BJP government, the media houses were to have blurted-out to the utmost decibels, but today are muted as all, with some very few exceptions, have been co-opted. It is only on social-media, where non-status-quoist voices may be found. Mainstream media has already forgotten the 9,000 Crore scam which Vijay Malya orchestrated and the Nirav Modi & Mehul Choksi duo draining the nation by their PNB scam. Such scamsters are not on the priority list of mainstream media but are certainly are on the debates on the social-media milieu, which is quite beyond the purview of the ruling establishment. The comfortable ease with which these absconders, have been eased out of the country, what to talk about millions of small-small dupers, spread in nearly every organization and in every city, is definitely going to put a ‘shot-in-the-arm’ of every corrupt businessman and official, as the government which had so ably spread the canard on non-corruption-governance, has been extremely low on this result count. As instead of nabbing it has been found napping. The worst part, in this latest case, was that RK Arora could sneak-out of the country even when SC had stirred the gaze around it. A small report published in AntiNews informs, ‘according to documents available, the Aroras set up two companies in London — MO LONDON DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED (11070040) and SUPERTECH LONDON DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED (11070335) – both registered on 17 November 2017. Sources say that these are the companies of which they have a record but they suspect the Aroras have bought many properties through shell companies in the British Virgin Islands. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been sounded out to “get ready” for the extradition process of the Supertech owners. ’It might occur, from any breakthrough of an investigative reporter, sometime later, as to how much TDS (sic) must have been provided to the ruling-party, before the decks were cleared for the