BJP objects allocation of prayer space in the Jharkhand Assembly, demands a temple.

Untold India September 5, 2021

TNew Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has demanded the construction of a ‘Hanuman Temple’ after a ‘prayer-room’ was allotted in the Jharkhand Assembly. The BJP, the main opposition party in the state, reacted strongly to the order allocating prayer rooms by calling it unconstitutional. The BJP, following an order by the Assembly Speaker to designate a hall in the Assembly complex as a ‘prayer room’, has said that if Assembly Speaker Ravinder Nath Mahto had to allot a hall for Namaz, he would also have set up a ‘Hanuman Temple’ for Hindus in the Assembly. By Mehto’s order, a September 2 notification signed by the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly was leaked on Saturday, stating that room number TW348 had been allotted as a prayer room in the new Assembly building FacebookTwitterEmailShare