NDTV report manipulates Digviajy Singh’s speech on Hindu-Muslim population.

Untold India September 23, 2021

TNDTV Hindi has published a report, which quoted former Congress minister Digvijay Singh as saying that the populations of Hindus and Muslims will be equal by 2028. It referred to a clip video tweeted by ANI. However, a quick study of the clip proves the falsehood of the claim published by NDTV. In the video clip, Singh can be seen slamming the elements who propagate that the Muslim population will surpass Hindu population in one or two decades. He further refers to a study published by US-based Pew Research Centre. Quoting the study, Singh says that since 1951, the decline in fertility rate in Muslims has been more than that in Hindus. Today, the fertility rate in Muslims is 2.7% and 2.3% in Hindus. By this rate, it will be equal in Hindus & Muslims by 2028. In the last line, what he seems to be conveying is that the fertility rate in Muslims and Hindus will become equal by 2028. But on the contrary, NDTV reported that populations of both communities will become equal. In this way, the report changed the actual message that Singh wanted to convey through his speech.