Dalit parents fined Rs 23,000 after two-year-old child enters temple in Karnataka.

Untold India September 21, 2021

TA Dalit couple was fined Rs 23,000 after their two-year-old son entered a Hanuman temple at Miyapura village near Hanumasagar in the Koppal district of Karnataka. As Dalits here are not allowed inside the temple, they always prayed from outside standing in front of the temple. The father wanted to pray to the god from outside along with his son. However, the toddler in excitement ran inside the temple and prayed to the god and came back. The incident took place on September 4. Upper caste villagers held a meeting on September 11 and asked the parents to pay Rs 23,000 as fine which will be used to carry out purification rituals in the temple. However, the district administration which came to know about the development has sent police, revenue and social welfare department officials to the village. The officers have conducted an awareness programme with regard to untouchability for all villagers. Sridhar, Superintendent of Police, Koppal, told IANS that he visited the spot. The culprits were admonished. They apologized to the father of the boy. Though the police went to the house of the victim to convince him to lodge a complaint, the community elders decided not to do so as it will breed animosity. “The people from upper caste themselves opposed the action of the members of their own community and apologized to the Dalit boy’s family,” he explained. (With inputs from IANS)