‘They are not gangsters’ court slams police for seeking order to produce Umar Khalid and Khalid Saifi in handcuffs

New Delhi: A Delhi court dismissed a petition moved by the Delhi Police seeking permission to produce Umar Khalid and Khalid Saifi by handcuffing them.

The police had filed the petition alleging that they are ”risk prisoners”. But the court observed the plea was filed “without application of mind by the high echelon of Delhi Police and prison authority” as Khalid and Saifi are not previous convicts nor even gangsters.

“The accused persons, who are sought to be produced in fetters and handcuffs, are admittedly not previous convicts. They are not even gangsters,” the Additional Sessions Judge stated in an order dated June 5.

The duo is in jail along with several other activists since last year under UAPA, a terror law, in connection with Delhi’s anti-Muslim pogrom.

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