Lakshadweep admin to deploy govt officials in fishing boats

New Delhi: Amid ongoing protests by residents of Lakshadweep, the regional government has taken several decisions including deploy officials on fishing boats for ”intelligence gathering”.

It was on May 28, a meeting chaired by Principal Secretary cum Advisor to the Administrator decided to depute responsible government servants onboard local fishing boats for intelligence gathering.

The meeting also decided to strengthen the security measures to monitor the local fishing boats and crews, intensify checking of passenger boats and vessels reaching the islands and strengthen the ship berthing points and helibase by installing CCTV cameras.

Lakshadweep MP Mohammed Faizal attacked the administration for its new directives, terming them as a “mockery” and urged the authorities to withdraw them immediately.

He questioned the practicality of implementing the order, saying there are hundreds of fishing boats operating from the islands and how many officials are going to be deployed in such vessels.

The MP alleged that the administration’s actions showed that they do not trust the innocent fishermen community of Lakshadweep. He demanded why such surveillance was not happening in coastal states like Gujarat, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Recently, 93 former civil servants have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi raising their concerns over developments in Lakshadweep.

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