Karnataka: Special vaccination drive organised for temple priests, Dalits turned away

New Delhi: Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister Dr CN Ashwath Narayan organised a vaccination camp exclusively for Hindu priests drawing criticism from various sections. The camp was organised at a girls’ school in Malleshwaram in Bengaluru, reported News18 Kannada.

A group of Dalits were reportedly turned away when they reached the spot to get vaccinated. They were asked to go to the hospital to take Covid-19 vaccines. This led to a fight at the vaccination centre, the News18 report added.

Opposition Congress party has condemned the move. The party’s spokesperson Lavanya Ballah said, ”Vaccination has become caste-based. Will this kind if vaccination be done for other castes? Kuruba, gowda, chetty vaccination drive??”

Congress MP B. K. Hariprasad said it was ”quite upsetting” to see caste-based vaccination. He added the police were not taking action despite some complaints being submitted to them. ”The police should be working for the country, not for BJP leaders,” he added.

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