Pakistan’s Edhi Foundation chief submits visa request to do relief work in Palestine

New Delhi: Faisal Edhi, chairperson of Pakistan’s social welfare organisation, Edhi Foundation, has submitted a visa request with Palestinian embassy in Islamabad to help victims of Israel’s bombardment in Gaza and other occupied territories.

“We want to take part in the relief work in Palestine via the Edhi Foundation. Five people, including my son Saad Edhi [and myself], will be going to Palestine,” Faisal told Geo News on Monday. He said that he will be going to Palestine via Egypt, adding that he has applied for a visa for the country.

Faisal said that his organisation will buy food and medicine from Egypt, adding that the foundation has set aside a budget of “Rs25-30 million” for the purpose.

“We will supply the hospitals emergency medicines,” he said. “There is a shortage of medicine there,” he said.

Gaza is being attacked by the Zionist state of Israel since the past one week. As many as 212 Palestinians, including 61 children and 36 women have been killed so far.

Palestine’s resistance group has also fired scores of rockets at Israel, resulting in destruction of some buildings and a few deaths.

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