#IndiaStandWithIsrael top Twitter trends in India, BJP leader Tejasvi Surya supports Israel attack on Palestine

New Delhi: India’s right-wing forces including leaders of the ruling BJP party have expressed their support to what Israel have been doing in Al-Aqsa Mosque and nearby areas.

#IndiastanswithIsrael and similar hashtags were trending on top even before the launch of rocket attacks by Palestine’s resistance group, Hamas, against Israel. This indicates that India’s fascist groups and their followers take pleasure in the persecution of Muslims including unarmed Palestinians.

BJP MP Tejashvi Surya, who is infamous for his hate speeches, has also expressed his solidarity with Israel. He wrote a tweet over the same amid escalating tensions between Israel

Hamas on Monday fired rockets at Israeli, days after the country’s forces attacked worshippers in Al-Aqsa Mosque, assaulted protestors and arrested many of them.

Currently, a war-like situation has ensured between Palestinians and Israelis. Rockets are being fired from both sides. According to media reports, over 40 Palestinians including several children and at least five Israelis have been killed.

India’s right-wing government has officially not condemned Israel’s aggressive measures against Palestinians, rather the ruling party leaders are now openly supporting Israel, without acknowledging the fact that it is Israel that first resorted to violence against Palestinians.

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