BJP leaders face backlash for objecting to presence of Muslim worker at crematorium

New Delhi: BJP leaders including the party Vadodara unit president Dr Vijay Shah objected to the presence of a Muslim man at a crematorium in the city.

They reached the crematorium for the last rites of a party leader and saw the Muslim man preparing the pyre with the wood and cow dung cakes for the burial. Reacting to this, they warned Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) for allowing Muslims to enter the crematorium.

”We learnt that he is a contractor supplying wood and cow dung cakes but he has sublet a contract or appointed more Muslim youth to work in the crematorium, which is wrong. Volunteering for good work is one thing but getting into religious rituals when you have no knowledge of it is not welcome… We have told the VMC that the person, who is given the contract for the supply of wood and cow dung could deliver it outside the crematorium. He does not need to be inside,” Shah was quoted by The Indian Express as saying.

However, the objection was not approved by several BJP leaders in the VMC. Mayor Keyur Rokadia said that the issue will be addressed amicably while adding that ”communities must work together” during the time of the pandemic.

A staff member of the crematorium said that the day being Friday and in the month of Ramzan, the volunteer was wearing a skullcap. The undertaker at the crematorium said, ”This man has been working here tirelessly with us… There have been at least 1,000 bodies that have been cremated in this crematorium by Muslim brothers in the last year and no one questioned them because no one was here to see them.”

Journalist Vir Singhvi slammed them saying they will carry their hatred and bias to their crematoria.

Businessman Zafar Sareshwala told them to stop playing their bigotry at least at the crematorium.

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