CID finds Mufti’s 70-year-old mother ‘threat to national security’, opposes grant of passport to her

New Delhi: Authorities in Srinagar have denied passport to Former Chief Minister and president of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mehbooba Mufti and her 70-year-old mother.

A communication addressed to Mehbooba Mufti by the passport officer has informed her that the J&K CID, which is the nodal agency for verification of applicant’s antecedents, has opposed grant of passport to her.

The J&K CID has also opposed the same to her 70-year-old mother claiming that she is a ”threat to national security”

Reacting to the development, she wrote on Twitter, ”his is the level of normalcy achieved in Kashmir since Aug 2019 that an ex Chief Minister holding a passport is a threat to the sovereignty of a mighty nation.”

Mufti has been informed that she can appeal to the competent authority in the Union Ministry of External Affairs in case she wants to file her grievance against the decision to reject her passport application.

(With inputs from IANS)

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