Allahabad High Court advocate seeks information on Modi’s claim of going jail during Bangladesh war

By Abdul Bari Masoud

New Delhi: An RTI application has been filed on Saturday seeking information regarding the claim made by the  Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka that he was sent to jail during the Bangladesh’s secession movement. The applicant sought the details of Modi’s arrest and charges slapped against him and a certified copy of FIR as well.

On an official visit to Dhaka, Modi said during his address at Bangladesh’s National Day programme that one of his first protests was for the freedom of Bangladesh, for which he was even sent to jail.

“I must have been 20 to 22 years old when me and my colleagues did a Satyagraha for the freedom of the people of Bangladesh,” he said at the event. “I tell this to the people of Bangladesh with great pride.” Modi said.

Contending this claim, Allahabad High Court advocate Krishna  Mohan Pandey filed an application under the RTI Act of 2005 and sought information from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Advo Pandey asked three basic questions on the PM’s claim:

1: In which charges PM Modi was arrested in Satyagraha for freedom struggle of Bangladesh; also provide the certified FIR copy.

2: PM Modi was arrested and kept in which jail of India

3: PM Modi spent how many days in jail during his Satyagraha

The RTI application was sent to the Public Relation Officer of the PMO.

Reacting on the RTI application, one political observer said “let us see how the PMO replies as the PM is known for making tall claims.”

PM Modi was on a two-day visit to the country to take part in the golden jubilee celebration of Bangladesh’s independence and the birth centenary of its first President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

However, there were wide protests held in many parts of Bangladesh including Dhaka and at some places it turned violent resulting in the killing of four people in Police firing. The protestors tried to take out a march with holding placards written “killer Modi, Go back”. Perhaps, it is for the first time a protest broke out against   the visit of a foreign dignitary in Bangladesh.

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