Jamiat’s dilly-dallying on sharing details of beneficiaries casts doubts on its scholarship scheme claims

By Hasan Akram

New Delhi: Maulana Arshad Madani-led Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind (JUH) has made a tall  claim that it had distributed scholarships  worth one crore rupees among 656 students from its ‘Taleemi Imdadi Fund’. It further claimed that for the first time it also gave scholarship to a “large number” of non-Muslim students too.

However, after due scrutiny, the JUH’s claim seems to be partially true. Muslim Mirror made repeated attempts to independently verify the figure of recipients. It sought scholarship details from JUH office bearers. But they failed to provide any data to this correspondent.

Muslim Mirror also contacted JUH press secretary  Maulana Fazlur Rahman Qasmi and asked him to share the list of the beneficiaries of the scholarship particularly non-Muslims to know thier reactions. We also wanted to pick some random names and have words with them to confirm whether they received a scholarship or not.  Despite umpteen requests, Fazlur Rahman Qasmi did not oblige.

In a conversation with this correspondent on Saturday,  he promised that he would share the list on Monday but he didn’t respond either.

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