Court summons Arnab Goswami in civil defamation case filed by PFI leader

New Delhi:  A Delhi court has issued a notice to Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami and others in a civil defamation case filed by Popular Front of India PR Director Dr M. Shamoon, reported LiveLaw

Dr Shamoon had approached the court against the publishing of a doctored video in which he was shown promoting violent protests and the use of criminal forces against the state.

The Court of Additional Senior Civil Judge, Gagandeep Jindal at Saket District Court on Tuesday, passed an order to summon the channel’s chief, Arnab Goswami and others on 27th May 2021.

As per the allegations, a person claiming to be a research scholar, approached Dr Shamoon and started to talk about the anti-CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh and stated the need of violent agitation and protest against the law.

Dr Shamoon says he intervened and advised the gentleman to think about democratic way of protest alone and taught him the values of democracy. He claims to have never spoken about using criminal force against the state machinery or against any organization.

However, Republic TV cut and paste the said conversation to suit his agenda and presented it as a ”sting operation.”

“If the defendant were not in nasty intention, they could have aired the complete dialogue made between the plaintiff and the so-called sting operator. The defendant jointly acted against public morality in this incident. It is an attempt to make somebody as criminal that he would not have committed at all. It is against the public morality and decency and hence falls within the purview of Article 19 (2),” reads the petition filed by Dr Shamoon.

He has therefore urged the court to order removal of the aforesaid defamatory video from their channel and other social media platforms. Moreover, the suit is valued at Rs. 1

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