PFI condemns arrest of its member in UP

By Special  Correspondent

 New Delhi: Prominent social organization, Popular Front of India on Monday strongly condemns the arrest of Rashid Ahmed, a member of the organization, by the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS). Terming Ahmed’s arrest as the ongoing part of vendetta politics, it alleged that  the ATS’s charges made against him are ‘concocted’.

Anis Ahmed, general secretary of the PFI said Rashid was working in Mumbai and went missing two days back while returning to Mumbai after visiting his family in Uttar Pradesh. His family had filed a complaint in Allahabad High Court since there was no communication from his side for the last two days.

 In a press statement Anis said “ It is clear that the ATS took him to custody two days back, and today, after his family approached the high court, registered his arrest, and presented him before the media with “fabricated charges”.

“He is a member of the Popular Front and the allegations made against him by ATS are concocted. It is part of the vendetta politics of the Uttar Pradesh government against the organization. It is a political decision of the UP government to treat someone as a criminal for merely being a member of the organization and punish people for associating with its activities.”

 After the anti-CAA agitations in UP, three Popular Front state ad hoc committee members were arrested on “fabricated” charges and tortured in custody. Another ad-hoc committee member was arrested for filing a Public Interest Litigation seeking a judicial inquiry into the deaths that happened during the police crackdown on the anti-CAA protestors.

Popular Front wants to make it clear that the organization will not be intimidated by this kind of malicious vendetta politics and will continue our struggle through democratic and legal means, Anis Ahmed said

“ We demand the Yogi government to release our members immediately and end imprisoning and torturing innocent Muslim youths”.

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