Restore pre-August 5 status of Jammu and Kashmir without any delay: Muslim Majlis e Mushawarat

New Delhi: All India Muslim Majlis e Mushawarat (AIMMM), a collective platform of prominent Muslim organizations, has demanded that Jammu and Kashmir’s status as existed prior to August 5, 2019 should be resorted without any delay.  It also expressed anguish and concern over the handling of Jammu and Kashmir situation by the  Modi government. It said the prevailing political atmosphere in the country and the surge of hyper-nationalism in the name of cultural resurgence is a matter of grave concern.

Mushawarat passed a host of resolutions after its National Executive held a daylong which discussed wide ranging issues concerning the community and country.

It notes with great regret that the present government has failed to discharge its constitutional duty to ensure the safety and security of religious minorities especially Muslims. “Unfortunately the whole political discourse of PM Narendra Modi’s government revolves around the majoritarian politics blended in the Hindutva ideology of Sangh parivar”.

 It underlines that the trust deficit between the government and the Muslim community has widened significantly and hopes the government will realize its responsibilities and take corrective measures.

“The incidents of violence, mob lynching by cow vigilantes’ groups are on increase in various parts of the country. The organized violence against Muslims in the states of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in the name of Fund Collection Drive for Ayodhya Mandir reflect the state of lawlessness. “Constitutional Institutions” are losing their identity with each passing day. The country is fast moving towards a total “Authoritarian Rule”, the resolution states.

Passing a resolution on Jammu and Kashmir, Mushawarat categorically said the government must restore the pre-August 5 position of the troubled state with its special status under Art. 370 and Art. 35(A) as other states of the country are enjoying under Article 371(A).

 The resolution reads:

“The AIMMM expressed its anguish and concern on the handling of Jammu and Kashmir situation by the  Modi government. The scrapping of Article 370, the bifurcation of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, putting several thousand political workers of mainstream parties behind the bars, suspension of communication system with closing of educational institutions and offices for months in both regions of Jammu and Kashmir was not only unprecedented in the history of independent and democratic India but also shows the insensitivity of the government.

The present political and security situation remains the same in the troubled area where common people are subjected to daily frisking by the security forces in major parts of the valley. While the government allowed three groups of foreign diplomats to visit the restive valley in the past one and half years, representatives of political and social groups’ have been denied this right.

It is now time for the Modi government to restore the statehood of Jammu and Kashmir without any delay.

The AIMMM demands that full Statehood be given at the earliest as existed prior to August 5, 2019. The AIMMM is also of the considered opinion that J&K should be given back special provisions conferred to the state under Art. 370 and Art. 35(A)

 It is pertinent to mention that special provisions were  conferred under article 371(AJ) to various North Eastern states, which safeguard their rights in matters of employment, education and other important matters  enjoyed by these states also”.

It also passed resolutions on the donation drive of VHP for Ram temple and CAA and NRC laws saying these are discriminatory, and against the basic spirit of our constitution. “The AIMMM is deeply anguished over the treatment meted out to the peaceful Anti-CAA protesters’ of  Shaheen  and in other parts of the country”.

It reiterates that the brutal policies of government would not deter the Muslim community and its youths, the women and the civil society of the country in opposing the anti-constitutional laws and they would continue their protests whenever it will be necessary and required.

On Tablighi Jamaat, AIMMM demands immediate closure of all cases against the members of the Tablighi Jamaat and the release of its members who are still in various jails and also request the government to give the permission for opening of the “Markaz Tablighi Jamaat” office the Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin.

The resolution passed on the situation in Bihar and Assam. On international Issues, Mushawarat welcomes  restoration of diplomatic ties between Qatar and Saudi Arabia , Bahrain, Egypt and the UAE. It expresses concern over the inhuman treatment meted out to the Uyghur and other Turkic Muslim minority in the Xinjiang province by Chinese regime.

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