”Useless piece of paper” Delhi HC lambasts police for their report over leaking of Asif’s alleged statement

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Monday reprimanded the police for its ”half-baked” report on the leaking of Asif Iqbal Tanha’s alleged confessional statement. The court termed the report as a “useless piece of paper”.

NDTV quoted Asif Iqbal Tanha as saying that his statement of confession to police was not admissible in court and cannot be treated as evidence.

After seeing the aforementioned police report, Justice Mukta Gupta said, “This vigilance inquiry is even worse than what they do in an ordinary inquiry in a petty theft case. These are not files sent through couriers, these are hand-held files.” The High Court ordered the Special Commissioner of Police (vigilance) to be present in the virtual proceedings on March 5 in the matter.

When special public prosecutor Amit Mahajan told the court that the document had been sent only to the home ministry and the Delhi government and even they are aggrieved with the leak, the court said, “Mind you, these are senior IAS officers. Where did you do the enquiry, who did you enquire of? Where were the files sent? Who took them to MHA and Delhi government and who brought them back from there? These are not documents lying on the road…..and amazingly, if these were lying on the road, the journalist is confident that these are those very original copies”.

During the hearing on Monday, the court said that the allegations of police leaking the information were substantiated and it has to just find out who leaked it. The court cautioned that harsher orders will be passed if the police fail to do so.

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