Palestinians : Why they matter more than the formation of the Jewish state

By Mohammad Al-Mahdi

“Zionism and Nazism are the two opposite sides of a same coin”. This is what Gorge Galloway; a former British MP had to say when he was asked, to give his opinion on the establishment of Israeland Zionism. We all know for how long this matter among the interfaith communities is persisting and we still do not know for how long it will take the whole situation to mollify. By the end of 2020, many mainstream Muslim countries like UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco have also declared peaceful and friendly ties with Israel. We all are familiar with why this solution of Jewish state was supported and cherished. According to some politicians, this seems to them the best alternative for the peace in Middle East and other nations. Till now, we are faraway to guess on what basis such decisions are been laid out and supported. Or should we proceed to say the injury done to Palestinians was just because, Jews are the rightful people to have that piece of land. What about the world leaders, those who considera Jewish state, the best way out from this ongoing confusion? And what is the most significant thing that we have to remember before supporting such ideologies and instances?

During the First World War as a part of Balfour Declarationthe British government permitted the British Jewish community, that they can build their own state in the land of Palestine. There were not many Jews at that time in Palestine. Only a small community of Yishuv Jews lived there. The next step for the Zionists was to engineer Jewish immigration from different parts of the world to Palestine. The idea was to make demographic alteration in favor of the Jews so as to pave the way for reclaiming the Holy Land of Israel.

After the Zionist move, a huge number of Jewish people responded to this call. Some 688,000 Jews immigrated to Israel between 1948 and 1951. In 1948 the total percentage of Jews was about 14.4 % in Palestine. Till 1951 it increased to about 71%. This rapid increase in the population gave Zionist associations a boost to finally succeed in their struggle for the formation of their promised land. Since then the conflict holds its foundations among the Palestinian Muslim and Jewish communities.

The situation of the Israel-Palestine conflict and the Balfour Declaration can be understood by a simple example. The case is similar, to let us say the first party (here it’s Britain) had decided for the second party (the British Zionist) that they can live and can build their own state on the land of third party (Palestine). Without consulting the Palestiniansthe British government imposed these decisions on them force fully.

“Let’s be honest (for once). The problem in the Middle East is not Palestinian people, not Hamas, not the Arabs, not Hezbollah, not the Iranians, and not the entire Muslim world. It’s us, the Israelis”. These are the two lines from Jeff Halper’s article “The Problem with Israel” written (11-23-2006). In his article, Jeff Halper tries to inform us, that about 63% of the Palestinians supported the proposal of the ‘two state solution’. And many are comfortable with this conclusion.

But, is this explanation really helpful or expedient. If we divide the state into two, the Palestinians who are now less than 50% will get only a very small portion of the land. The rest will be taken by the Israelites. Even these types of solutions will not make the situation better. After all these genocides and mass murder, how can anyone be satisfied with these resolutions.

Palestinians are facing today what the Jews once faced in Nazi Germany. In fact they have become the new Jew. Some human rights activist had named this illegal occupation and mass murder a ‘Slow Genocide’. But it seems it is not less than an ‘Ongoing Holocaust’.

The world today is facing refugee crisis. About 70.8 million people are homeless, with no food and shelter.According to a UN report, millions of Palestinians lost their family members, their businesses, and their normal living. But still if we ask any Israeli citizen to inform us about all this chaos,they will correct you by saying the information and news,which youhavegot, is misleading and false, and is just to spread anti-Semitism.

We can see how the Zionist organizations run their propaganda. Let’s perceive what the Israeli media tries to convey to their citizens regarding the Palestinians and the illegal occupation.

“Israel is home to 1,454,000 Muslim citizens who enjoy full civil liberty and political freedom”.

This fourteen-word report is taken from the website of Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. By such misinformation and lies, the government monopolizes their people and the state. Even it is very hard, or not even possible to find a Palestinian who would say ‘that yes we are enjoying full civil liberty and freedom in our country’.

Most Jews, who are not Zionists, do not support the official propaganda. Some even consider the whole scenario as unreligious, illegal and controversial to their own Jewish identity. We can find a very clear account from the Old Testament, which the orthodox Jews provide to condemn these political dogmas, dangerous not only for the Palestinian people, but also are threat to their own Jewish teachings.

Psalm 82:3-4 “Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked”.

As far as we have examined the current situation of the world, especially Middle East, Africa and some Asian countries, about thousands of crimes are occurring each day. Due to current COVID crises, the condition of refugees and migrants are getting worse day by day.

Each day we are facing about thousands of 9/11(total deaths in the attacks of 9/11 is approx 3,000). At least 800,000 people have been killed by direct war and violence in Yemen, Syria, Iraqi and Afghanistan. Approximately 4 million people have been dispersed or eradicated in conflicts and battles all over the world.

One will never forgive the perpetrators of 9/11 but what about thousands killed each day on almost regular basis. Leastwise we are confirmed to say, that this time it is not Bin Laden or Saddam Husain.

Mohammad Al-Mahdi is a young student scholar and journalist.  He writes on International Politics, Science, and Philosophy. He can be reached at account: @MohdAlMahdi_

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