Hyderabad activist files complaint against Ragini Tiwari ‘Hindutva leader’ who called for violence

By Nikhat Fatima

Khalida Parveen, a prominent activist from Hyderabad who has been at the forefront during COVID times and the floods to help the needy, 24th December, 2020, filed a complaint against Ragini Tiwari, for threatening to turn the farmers’ protest into another Jafarabad. By jafarabad, she meant the violence that occurred when people were protesting against CAA in Delhi.

Ragini Tiwari, 48 year old self- proclaimed Hindutva leader, released a video on 12th December on face book wherein she can be heard calling out to people to support her to clear the roads where the farmers are protesting at the Delhi-Haryana border. She can also be heard giving an ultimatum to the government to get rid of the farmers protesting by 16th of December, failing which she and her supporters will create another Jafarabad.

“Her references to Jafarabad in her videos that have gone viral are also an indication that she has had a hand in inciting the violence that took place in Jafarabad in February where 53 people were killed. The police must definitely take action against her” said a youth, Faizan, on hearing of the complaint and the subsequent registration of FIR against Tiwari.

Khalida Parveen filed the complaint at the Central Crime station at Basheerbagh, Hyderabad. The police took her complaint and registered a FIR against Ragini Tiwari charging her under section 505 (2) and 506 of Indian Penal Code. The sections talk about making statements that create or promote hatred and enmity and the punishment if convicted.

This is not the only FIR against Ragini, another FIR has been filed against her by the Delhi Police for the very same video wherein she has said that whatever happens after December 16, the center, the state and the Delhi police will be responsible.

Talking to this reporter, Khalida Parveen said “Any person who speaks such an abusive language promoting hatred and enmity should be immediately stopped. They are inciting the youth to commit violence in the name of religion. The youth are easily swayed by such inciting speeches.”

She also thanked the Assistant commissioner of Police and the Superintendent of Police for their support in taking her complaint and registering a FIR.

Many activists lauded Khalida Parveen for taking this step and filing a complaint against the hate monger and pursuing the case.

In February during the anti CAA protests, Ragini had said in her videos that Sanatana dharma is being attacked and called out to Hindus to kill or die chiding them that if their blood has not boiled then it is not blood but water.
The same day Kapil Mishra, a BJP leader had also issued provoking statements and before the day ended there was chaos and violence in Delhi killing innocents.

“These days we often hear people venting their hate under public and media gaze. It appears that they have the implicit support of the powers that be. Very glad that Khalida Baji has made a complaint; we stand with her. It’s time to not let haters enjoy impunity” said Sharifa Siddiqui, an activist and an independent researcher based in Hyderabad.

And there are many like her who are willing to stand with Khalida Parveen as they feel it is high time that hatred should be stopped.

Another civil rights activist, Kaneez Fathima said, “Ragini sharma is one such person who has neither little shame nor even humanity. Hindu religion is not what the hindutva is preaching now a days. Hindutva just wants hate, lynchings, burning alive etc.. People like Ragini have become blind and moving this country towards destruction.

Therefore, whenever such people spill poison through their anti-nation, anti-people speeches, they have not only to be condemned but even legal action against them is need of the time to save our democratic country from the clutches of hate mongers and fascist people, in this case, Ms. Khalida Parveen has done appropriate thing by filing FIR and more people especially advocates and human rights activists need to do.”

As of now only FIRs have been registered against her in Delhi and Hyderabad. Investigations are yet to be carried out.

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