Muslim organisations and masses urged to support farmers’ protests wholeheartedly

New Delhi: Chicago-based Dr Mohammad Qutbuddin has said that farmers in India are protesting for their rights and every Indian particularly Muslim organisations and masses should stand by them. 

“Farmers are the backbone of this country. Our economy and agriculture are dependent on them Because Life cannot continue without food and food cannot be produced without farmers. This is the question of our life and food.” he said in a video message.

 Muslim organisations and the community should organise Langar  for protesting farmers. Its a matter of humanity,  brotherhood as well as our moral responsibility towards farmers, he added.

He also urged Muslims to  deliver every possible help to agatating farmers.

Indian farmers are protesting at several places including around borders of New Delhi. They are seeking withdrawal of three Farm Laws passed by BJP-led federal government. They believe that laws tend to benefit corporates while the government says that the laws are in favour of farmers and hence it has been refusing to take back them.

Farmers have been  protesting on different sites in this cold weather from last three weeks. According to farmers’ organisations, 20 farmers have died during the agitation.

A Sikh priest identified Sant Baba Ram Singh committed suicide as he could not bear the “pain” of farmers. In his suicide note, he targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his administration for not accepting farmers’ demands.

The Supreme Court is hearing a batch of pleas regarding farmers’ agitation. The court on Thursday asked the government to consider deferring implementation of the laws as a step towards resumption of dialogue with opposing farmers’ unions.

Although a group of Muslims from Malerkotla, Punjab  have been been camping with farmers and preparing foods for them , but their presence is invisible compared to Muslim population in Delhi and surrounding areas.

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