List the cases of habeas corpus, bail applications on priority basis, lawyers body urges to SC

By Special Correspondent

Bangalore : All India Lawyers Council (AILC) a prominent body of lawyers has appealed to the Chief Justice of India to list the cases of serious habeas corpus petitions, bail applications and other matters of personal liberty on priority basis. It also urged the apex court to initiate suo motu proceedings on the constitutionality of the Ordinance promulgated by UP Government on “inter faith” with malice of targeting a particular religious group.

The meeting of the Central Committee of AILC was held here on Sunday which deliberated upon a range of issues including personal liberty, agri-laws, misuse of UAPA and other laws and recently passed ordinances by some BJP governed states.  The Central Committee also passed half a dozen resolutions during the meeting.

In one resolution, AILC appealed to the Chief Justice with regard to personal liberty of citizens under detention.

It noted that, “Fundamental right is supreme and inviolable and  Supreme Court being the guardian of fundamental rights, it is disheartening to note that the matters involving violation of fundamental rights and cases registered against persons including journalists and human rights activists under UAPA by police on political consideration depriving their personal liberty have not been given due priority in hearing the matters but at the same time few cases of the similar nature has been selectively heard and disposed off which has shaken the credibility of the apex court”.

In another resolution, it asked the Supreme Court to resume normal judicial proceedings and to discontinue virtual hearing.

Taking the note of framers’ ongoing protest, it also made appeal to all fellow citizens to come out  in support of this  agitation and demanded to roll back all the three agri-laws. On promulgated Ordinance by the UP’ s BJP government on interfaith marriages, the AILC resolution  appeals to  the  Supreme Court to initiate suo motu proceedings on the constitutionality validity of it.

 “UP ordinance is a law nullifying the secular principles of the Constitution. We are proud of our Constitution. We are constitutionally bound to protect its ideals. Parliament enacted the Special Marriage Act with a solemn objective to promote fraternity; fellowship and social integration by allowing inter caste and inter faith marriages without affecting the right to religious choice of the marrying couples. The UP Ordinance makes the Special marriage Act totally redundant.”

The meeting also took cognizance of the state inaction and indifference against police highhandedness underlying the  Constitution guarantee right to speech and expression.

The meeting was chaired by Adv Sevvilam Parithi R, Vice President and moderated by the Secretary General, Advo Sharfuddin Ahmad.

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