Siddique Kappan beaten, subjected to mental torture in Mathura jail: Journalists’ union

The Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ), in its rejoinder affidavit before the Supreme Court, has said that Siddique Kappan was thrashed and subjected to mental tortured in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura jail.

The KWJU has mentioned that “Mr Kappan was beaten with a lathi three times on his thigh, slapped three times after taking out the spectacles, dragged, forced to stay awake from 6 pm to 6 am, depriving him of sleep, without proper medicines, along with serious mental torture from 5 to October 6, 2020.”

It was also claimed that Kappan was denied sleep and medicines on October 5 and October 6 though he is a diabetic and on medication.

The rejoinder has been prepared on the basis of the details collected during a half-hour meeting between KUWJ lawyer Wills Mathews  and Mr Kappan.

“I met Kappan on 21 November for the first time since his arrest. It was a half and hour meeting, he told me that he was thrashed by the investigating officer on the day of his arrest, he was not even allowed to sleep for one entire day” Advocate Mathews said while speaking to The Quint.

It further mentions that the “mental torture” afflicted on Kappan is a part of custodial torture, which needs investigation at a higher level.

The affidavit also asserts that the allegations levelled against Kappan are “false and frivolous”.

Shrish Chandra, Additional SP, Mathura, told The Quintthat the allegations made by Will Mathews are completely wrong.

Journalist Siddique Kappan, CFI members Atiq-ur Rehman, Masood Ahmed and their driver Alam were held by the UP Police on 5 October, while they were going to Hathras after the alleged gang rape and murder of a Dalit woman had made national headlines.

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